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03.05.18 | FAS, Öffentlich, Aktuelles, Veranstaltungen

Studierende der FAS auf der International University Week in Jena

Diversity, Innovation and Standards in European Social Work

Aron Bertoli, Nils Dauber, Valentino Garavani, Lena Horner, Marlene Littmann, Viola Schwartz, Katharina Sitter, Katrin Sonay, Hanna Weiß, Thora Wortmann, Prof. Dr. Weber (Foto: Weber)

On early Monday morning (May, 16th) a mixed group of 10 students from second semester Bachelor to Master students of International Social Work, met at the train station in Würzburg to start their journey to the “International University Week 2018” in Jena. After meeting Mrs. Weber at the train station in Jena and dropping off the luggage at the hostel they headed to the Ernst-Abbe-University, where they met all the other participants which came from countries all over Europe, for example Austria, France or Finland. As an address of welcome a so called “coffee and cake” event, this was a big buffet with dishes from all over the world (which was: “freaking awesome”, as Nils Dauber said, 2018), was offered. After the grand opening and an introduction there was a first plenary lecture on “Diversity in Reality” by the head of integration office of the city of Jena.

To get to know each other, each participating university was represented by the students in forms of posters, speeches, singing, dancing and jokes. The Würzburg group decided to represent Würzburg and FHWS with a prepared video (which was actually professional! Thanks to HMZ!). Afterwards started an interactive city tour organized by the students of Jena. During this they told the other students a myth about the city gate “Johannistor”: If you walk through it you won’t pass your exams. Unfortunately, they told the participants too late… In the evening there was a get together at a youth center where they made a BBQ, talked, laughed and danced.

The next morning all signed up for one of the seven workshops, such as “Do social workers have to be politically active?”, “Humor and the inner clown of Social Work”, “Psychodrama on Migration”, or “Social Emotion in Social Work”. After lunchbreak the workshops continued. The day was challenging but quite interesting because the setting was different than what our students are used to. Since the groups were really small each student could bring in aspects of the views on social work and their standards of social work from their country and University. There was a lot of discussing and interacting. For the evening the participants met in “Paradiespark” to enjoy the summer night and some Jena vibes.

On Wednesday all left super early (8.45am) to Weimar. The program started off by visiting the concentration camp “Buchenwald”, 8km away from Weimar. Sadly, there wasn’t much time and most of the group wished they could have stayed longer to honor the memorial better. In the afternoon there were some field visits in the nice old town of Weimar. For example, some got to see and learn more about the famous old theatre and theatre pedagogy, others got to see the “House of Children Weimar” or the “AWO Counselling office for refugees”. In the evening there was walking around, having pizza and a glass of wine.

The next day started again at university with new workshops, in the morning as well as in the afternoon. Just like on Tuesday the workshops were very interesting. As most of the topics were quite specific and all got to get a deeper look on the correlations, the time mainly flew by. In the night all the students gathered to have a farewell party. They were having drinks with friends they made throughout the week and celebrated the time they spent together, the things they learned from each other, and the diversity of the group and in their studies of social work.

On Friday morning there was a breakfast together, and all got their certificates for attending successfully the “International University Week 2018”, even the ones who walked through the “Johannistor”! All said goodbye to their new friends and took the train back to Würzburg.

Our heartfelt thanks to our faculty for the financial support to allow us making this experience!