Dear Sir or Madam, from 2016 on the documents necessary for issuing a lectureship can be found online through the so-called Lehrbeauftragten-Portal.

The advantages for you as a lecturer:

  • Facilitated organizational effort
  • Prompt preparation of the course offer using already existing course templates
  • It is possible to edit personal data at any time
  • Access to the processing status of your offer

Guideline for using the "Lehrbeauftragten-Portal"

»Step 1: Personal Account

(This step has to be done only once at the beginning.)

  • We ask applicants that previously had no lectureship at our faculty to create an account by stating their personal data.
  • Applicants that previously worked/are working at our faculty as lecturers already have a personal account and can log on using their personal e-mail address

»Step 2: Creating course templates

Creating course offers which you can principally offer at our faculty. Course template can be edited any time.

»Step 3: Summiting course offers

For the planning of every new semester a course offer has to be submitted in which concrete possible dates are proposed. The course offer from step 2 is the template for this. You can reuse this template every semester. 
As soon we have received your course offer, we will take it into consideration when planning the courses.