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Access route

Here you will find information on how to get there, the map and further information on how to get to the university building.

Arriving in Würzburg

By airplane: Würzburg is about 90 minutes by car from Frankfurt/Main Airport (IATA- Code: FRA). It is the largest German commercial airport and the third largest in Europe. Almost all major European airlines fly to the airport (several times a day). The airport is directly connected to the Deutsche Bahn rail network by a long-distance train station.

By train: Würzburg is connected to important north-south and west-east train connections by the "Würzburg Main Station". The InterCityExpress runs from Hamburg to Munich or from the metropolitan regions in the Rhine-Ruhr area to Nuremberg and Vienna with a stopover several times a day in Würzburg.

By bus: In recent years, the long-distance bus network has been expanded so that Würzburg can be easily reached by long-distance bus thanks to its good connections to central motorways. The bus station is located within easy reach of the main railway station.

By car: Multiple junctions of important motorway routes (A 3, A 7, A 81) network Würzburg and ensure good accessibility of the city by car.

Reaching the university buildings in Würzburg

Central lecture hall building: The central university building in Münzstraße 12 is located directly at the central tram stop "Sanderring". This can be reached in approx. 15 minutes from the main station by tram lines 1 and 4 in the direction of "Sanderau" as well as by tram line 3 in the direction of "Heuchelhof" and line 5 in the direction of "Rottenbauer".

Offices and Administration: The offices of the contact persons of the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences at Tiepolostraße 6 are also located near the tram stop "Sanderring.

Location map

Site plan of the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences
Site plan of the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences

  • All lecture plans starting with "M."
  • Big lecture halls "Aldi Süd" and "Sparkasse"
  • Cafeteria on level 0
  • Common room on level 4
  • Passage to the building "Sanderring 8"

  • Offices of full-time lecturers and administrative staff
  • Dean and Dean's Office T.2.11
  • Dean of studies T.2.12
  • Foreign representative T.2.19
  • Women's representative T.2.16

  • Library on the ground floor
  • Department of Student Affairs on the second floor
  • Movement- and music-room in the basement
  • Passage to the building "Münzstraße 12"

  • PC-Pool Social Work room Z.K.0405
  • PC-Pool Care-and Health Management room Z.2.0.3

  • Tramline to/from central station line 1, line 3 and line 5

  • Buses to/from Hubland and to Frauenland, also to FHWS at Sanderheinrichsleitenweg

  • Buses from/to Hubland and Frauenland, also to FHWS at Sanderheinrichsleitenweg

Google Locations

The events mostly take place in the central auditorium building at the Münzstraße 12. The Dean's Office and Staff Office of the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences are located at the Tiepolostraße 6.