The Faculty of Applied Social Sciences

With over 1,500 students, the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences (FAS) is the second largest faculty of the FHWS. Size, spectrum and interdisciplinarity of the faculty enable a broad and differentiated range of courses.

The basic academic education in a Bachelor's programme can be deepened scientifically in the consecutive or part-time Master's programme and completed within the framework of doctoral cooperation. A recently renovated auditorium building, a separate teaching building for small, practice and learning groups, TV and radio studios, three computer pools, e-learning facilities, a library and state-of-the-art equipment offer optimal study conditions.

Scientifically founded and at the same time application-oriented teaching as well as close cooperation with practice guarantee optimal vocational preparation. Our own application-oriented research and its transfer into practice provide the basis for this. The faculty supports the university's efforts in the field of internationalisation and profiling.

Study Courses

At the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences, we offer three Bachelor's and five Master's programmes.

Bachelor degree programmes


Master's degree programmes