The Faculty’s PhD Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Dagmar Unz

Prof. Dr. Dagmar Unz

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Information for those interested in a doctorate

A doctoral degree is an academic degree awarded for doctoral studies in a single field of study. It comprises independent scientific work, a dissertation, and an oral examination (dissertation defence). The purpose of a doctoral degree is to proof skills and competences for in-depth scientific work exemplified by intensive work on a specific area of a discipline. It is usually required for being appointed professor at a higher education institution.

The right to award doctorates is currently with universities (and equivalent higher education institutions), but not with universities of applied sciences. The German states have different state-specific regulations. Information about doctoral studies for social work graduates is provided, unfortunately only in German, by the German Association of Social Work (DGSA).

Prof. Dr. Dagmar Unz
(FAS PhD Coordinator)