The Faculty of Applied Social Sciences is characterised by a high degree of Interdisciplinarity. It consists of professors from different disciplines (e.g. social work, sociology, psychology, law, music therapy) with different research emphases.

The bundling of these different competences enables exceptional interdisciplinary research, allows questions from different disciplines to be dealt with in many projects, giving the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences a unique selling proposition.

In addition to the activities of individual research professors of the faculties, the research activities of the FHWS are bundled in six application-oriented institutes and expanded in over 90 laboratories. In addition, there is a Ombudsman to ensure good scientific work and it always acts according to the guidelines of scientific practice.


Your direct contacts in all matters of knowledge and technology transfer: 

Vice President Research
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Hartmann
Ignaz-Schön-Straße 11
97421 Schweinfurt
Telefon +49 9721 940-806
E-Mail juergen.hartmann[at]

Head of Campus Applied Research
RD Roland Ulsamer
Tiepolostraße 6
97070 Würzburg
Telefon +49 931 3511-8359
E-Mail roland.ulsamer[at]

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