The member of the AK Inklusion, Julian Wendel, was nominated for the German Commitment Award

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In 2018, he was awarded the Würzburg Social Ehrenpreis for his multifaceted voluntary commitment

Last year, Julian Wendel from Würzburg, a member of the Inclusion Working Group at the Würzburg-Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences, was awarded the Würzburg Citizens' Social Prize for his voluntary work. He was honoured for his versatile honorary commitment for lived inclusion. This prize is awarded every two years to committed people in recognition of their commitment to society. Despite physical limitations, Wendel is active in various fields on a voluntary basis - as a contact person and delegate in the Federal Association of the German Society for Muscle Patients, as a member of the City of Würzburg's Disabled Readiness Association, as a department head and trainer in the wheelchair sports club, as a coach for the German national team in powerchair hockey, as a juror at the Würzburg Regional Court, and as an active member of the association "Würzburg selbstbestimmt Leben - WüSL e.V.".

Julian Wendel has been nominated for the German Commitment Award. This prize is the prize for civic engagement in Germany. The aim is to strengthen the recognition culture in Germany and to interest more people in volunteering. The initiator and winner of the German Commitment Award, which has been awarded since 2009, is the Bündnis für Gemeinnützigkeit, an association of large civil society associations in Germany. Sponsors are the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, the Deutsche Fernsehlotterie and the Deutsche Bahn Foundation.

A few years ago, the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences established the Campus Community Dialogue (CCD) in order to further intensify cooperation with civil society and state and local authorities. For example, the CCD Inclusion Working Group headed by Professor Dr. Dieter Kulke organized the Würzburg Inclusion Weeks in January 2019.

The German Commitment Award lists all nominees and provides information. The candidates can be voted on until 24 October.