Lecture situation in the Master of International Social Work with Refugees and Migrants

Summer and Winter Schools

Gathering international experience is especially important in the field of international social work and constitutes an essential component for its professional development. Being confronted with global challenges, actively promoting social work in different countries as well as the exchange with local actors and access to regional and country-specific knowledge are important factors for a change of perspective. In this, professional and academic exchange in a spirit of partnership seems to be central. Based on the degree programme’s international orientation, we want to offer the opportunity to benefit from the exchange of experience and knowledge abroad to both groups of our students those who decide to spend a semester studying abroad as well as those wanting to stay in Würzburg for their studies.

The module 5.2 Social Work with Refugees and Migrants in Areas of Origin, Transit and Destination offers summer/winter schools during which students are expected to confront themselves with the situation in selected areas of origin, transit and destination. The goal is that students are able to acquire a feeling for the specific cultural, linguistic and religious context. At the same time, they get to know and work out approaches guided by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for a region-specific social work in the context of global development cooperation.

The summer/winter school has a duration of three weeks. Participation in one summer or one winter school is mandatory for each student. At the start of the relevant summer or winter semester, corresponding information and preparation events are scheduled for the students. Moreover, enrolled students can access our e-learning platform where they will find additional information about how to prepare for a summer/winter school as well as how they are organised and conducted. Our Faculty usually tries to award a grant for participants of a summer/winter school. In any case, students have to pay a contribution to the costs incurred. Please also note the information provided in the section on fees and student contribution.


The first Summer School at our partner university, the German Jordanian University in Amman, took place in September 2016.

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