Lecture situation in the Master of International Social Work with Refugees and Migrants

Studying Abroad

The master’s programme International Social Work with Refugees and Migrants endeavours to establish academic networks in areas of origin, transit as well as destination areas of refugees and migrants. Our aim is to help towards the scientific exchange between and networking for science and practice and thus to contribute to the development of professional internationally oriented social work in the context of flight and migration as well as development cooperation. In this, the master’s programme is based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our focus is on linking-up hands-on practice and research as well as an international exchange about these activities.

This is why studies abroad are a fixed part of curriculum:

During three weeks of summer or winter schools, students gather experience and acquire skills and knowledge not only about region-specific social work with refugees and migrants, but also about the respective national, transnational and regional social conditions and the developmental context. Up to now, we have been able to offer summer/winter schools in cooperation with higher education institutions in Greece, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Uganda, Nigeria, Jordan and Lebanon. Additionally, there are cooperation projects with higher education institutions in Ghana, Uganda, South Africa and India/South Asia. Participation in a summer/winter school is part of the curriculum of our master’s programme and thus mandatory for all our students.

Students also have the opportunity to spend one semester abroad, preferably during their 2nd semester. For this, students may go to one of the institutions we are already cooperating with. Please go to University Cooperations to find out more about our partners. We have been aligning course contents with our cooperation partners, so course credits earned there can be transferred to FHWS. Usually, the total duration of studies is not affected by a semester abroad.

Apart from spending a semester at one of our partner institutions, students can also spend an independently organised semester abroad at any other institution. Please note that in this case, the transfer of credits earned abroad has to be approved individually by the examination committee. Depending on the courses offered at the respective institution abroad, the total duration of studies may be affected.