Lecture situation in the Master of International Social Work with Refugees and Migrants


Practice Projects

In order to gain practical experience several Practice Projects are offered in the course of studies. There, students can identify problems or needs in real life situations and develop solutions in a structured and systematic way under the guidance of a MRM-lecturer. Mostly, the Practice Projects are conducted in cooperation with a regional service provider. Students can choose one of the offered projects according their interests.

In the Practice Projects students get an insight into practice and do the work as if they were professionally active. The objective is to apply skills and competences in Social Work, which students have already acquired, to practice as well as to discuss and work on relevant issues by deepening their knowledge about tasks, target groups and structures of Social Work in an international and intercultural context. With the help of scientific literature, students learn to develop solutions. They identify a need and find solutions by making use the methods of evidence-based practice. The aim is to gain transfer competence.

The modules 6.1 and 6.2 aim at the development of in-depth knowledge about the fields of application of Social Work. By completing a Practical Project (module 6.1) and a research-based Practice Project (module 6.2), students improve their knowledge about tasks, functions, legal frameworks, structures, and concepts of Social Work organizations and institutions.

At the beginning of the 2nd and 3rd semester there is an information event offering more details on the upcoming projects and the opportunity for the students to choose in which project they want to get involved.

To view the practical projects carried out in previous years, click here.


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