Lecture situation in the Master of International Social Work with Refugees and Migrants

MRM-Info on E-Learning

On the E-Learning course MRM-Info, you find current information by the Faculty about changes of rooms or times, invitations to events and much more. Please note the following tips on how to use the course!

Instructions for the use of MRM-Info

Click on ‘Enrol me’-Button in the E-Learning course MRM-Info to get all information directly to your FHWS e-mail address.

There is no enrolment key required to enter the course!

Semester-independent information

As soon as you enrol to the course, you will get all semester-independent information automatically sent to your FHWS e-mail address. If you want to get information related to your current semester, please follow the instructions on semester-specific information below.

Semester-specific information

To get all information related to your current semester sent to your FHWS e-mail address, you have to subscribe to the respective forum: 

  • To do so, please click on your current semester in the left area of the page and then on “News and Announcements”

  • Then click left in “Forum administration” on “Subscribe to this forum”.

Now you will also get all semester-related information by e-mail.


To receive all information correctly, your FHWS e-mail account must be correctly configured! Please check your general settings or forwarding settings in your private e-mail account.