Study abroad as a “free mover”

Students who organize their stay abroad at a university of their choice independently, i.e. without the university's own mobility programs, are called “free mover”. On this page, we have compiled some points on the independently organized stay abroad:


At which universities can I study as a "free mover"?

In general, you can study abroad at any university. Research for information for “free mover” on the homepage of your desired university (search words could be "study abroad", "non-degree seeking students" or "occasional students") or contact directly the International Office of the respective university.

As a "free mover", do I have to apply to the faculty or to the International Office of the university for a study abroad program?

Since "free movers" organize their stay abroad independently, a formal application to the faculty or to the International Office is not required. However, "free movers" must register at the University Study Service in the  MoveOn-Portal. In addition, it is recommended that "free movers" also contact the faculty’s international representative (Prof. Dr. Christoph Bördlein) at an early stage in order to seek advice.

Do I have to pay tuition fees as a "free mover"?

Unlike at our partner universities, “free movers” usually have to pay tuition and fees themselves. Please note that the amount of tuition fees can vary greatly depending on the country and the institution.

Where can I get information about formalities and financing possibilities?

For detailed information on the necessary formalities and financing options, please contact the International Office.

As a "free mover", can I have my academic achievements recognized afterwards?

For the recognition of academic achievements, it does not matter that you were at a foreign university as a “free mover”. If you sign up for courses that can be transferred to your study plan at the FHWS, the respective study achievements will also be recognized.

However, to ensure later recognition, you must also prepare a learning agreement as a “free mover” and discuss it with the chair of the examination Commitee (Prof. Dr. Anne Bick) Furthermore, the registration in the MoveOn-portal of the International Office is also required as a "free mover". For the recognition of the academic achievements gained abroad, hand in an informal application to the examination Commitee of your degree program after your stay abroad and present your "Transcript of Records". A copy of the transcript must also be submitted to the International Office.