Partner Universities Non-EU

On this page you find an overview of all countries we maintain partnerships with universities as well as information about each partner universities in the respective country.  Please double-check the information below by using the MoveOn-Search-engine as provided by our International Office.

Kerala – Rajagiri College of Social Sciences

The "Rajagiri School of Social Work" exists since 1955 and offers practice-oriented and highly qualified teaching and research from the Bachelor to the PhD-program. The university is located in the southwest of India in the city of Kalamassery, close to the major city of Kochi. The tropical region of Kerala is known for white sandy beaches, coconut palms, mountains and waterways, lagoons and lakes of the backwaters.

Christ College Bangalore

    Bangalore is the third largest city in India with over 11 million inhabitants and the capital of the state of Karnataka, situated in the southwest of India.

    Cambridge – Anglia Ruskin University 

    Cambridge is located in the east of England and is about 80km northeast of London. Anglia Ruskin University is a university with about 31,500 students. The university has campuses in Chelmsford, London, Peterborough and Cambridge.

    Amman - German Jordanian University

    The German Jordanian University is a Jordanian state University which is based on the practice- and application-oriented approach of German universities of applied sciences. Amman is the capital of Jordan and has about 4 million inhabitants. 

    Santander - Universidad Industrial de Santander

    The university was opened in 1948.  The “Departamento de Santander” is in the northeast of Colombia. Agriculture is one of the mainstays of the region. Tobacco, cacao, pineapple, yuca, rice, coffee and fruits are grown here. Places of interest include the “Cañón del Chicamocha”, “San Gil”, “Yariguíes National Park” and the “Barichara National Monument”, a historic colonial village.

    Windhoek - University of Namibia

    The "Faculty of Humanities Social Sciences" of the "University of Namibia" is the leading university in southern Africa in both, social science teaching and research. The versatile Windhoek is the capital of Namibia with more than 320,000 inhabitants. Due to its central location, it offers a wonderful starting point to discover Namibia with all its facets.

    • Language of instruction: English
    • Study programs: social work, media studies

    Nsukka - University of Nigeria Nsukka

    The "University of Nigeria" is the first university founded and run by locals since Nigeria's independence. Its "Faculty of Social Science" is one of the largest and the oldest social science faculty in the country with 5,000 students. Nsukka is located in the southeast of Nigeria in the Udi Hills and is a relatively small town with a population of around 40,000 inhabitants.

    • Language of instruction: English
    • Study programs: Social Work

    Alta – Arctic University of Norway (UiT)

    The UIT is the northernmost university in the world with its location on the edge of the Arctic. The Arctic is gaining global importance - climate change, exploitation of Arctic resources and environmental threats are issues of great public importance in which the UiT has a special interest. Student life can be fully enjoyed with plenty of academic support, sports clubs and student study groups.

    • Language of instruction: Norwegian and English

    Oslo – VID Specialized University

    The VID was created in 2016 from the merger of several Norwegian institutions. One campus is located in Oslo, the capital of the Kingdom of Norway. Many sights contribute to the special flair of Oslo in the inner fjord location. The most significant is the so-called “Gamlebyen” (German Old Town) with the exposed foundation walls of medieval Oslo, as well as the Akershus Castle and Fortress.

    Moscow - Russian State Social University

    The "Russian State Social University" is the largest and first social science university in Russia. Out of 25,000 students, about 1,500 are international students who can choose from numerous English-speaking modules. However, those who wish to take advantage of the opportunity can also take intensive Russian courses on site and gain practical experience in Russia's fascinating capital city.

    • Language of instruction: Russian, English
    • Study programs: Social Work

    Taipei (Taiwan) - Shih Chien University 

    The university was founded in 1958. The university has a campus in the north of Taiwan, in Taipei, and in the south in the Kaohsiung region.  

    Auburn (Alabama) - Auburn University

    Located in the state of Alabama, "Auburn University" has grown into one of the largest universities in the southern states. With a population of about 60,000, Auburn is a small, friendly city. However, its huge campus for nearly 30,000 students offers everything that is part of the typical American college experience.

    • Language of instruction: English
    • Study programs: Social Work



    Charlotte (North Carolina) – Pfeiffer University

    The Pfeiffer University was founded in 1885 and is located in the state of North Carolina. With about 1,600 students, it is one of the smaller universities in the country, which is why Pfeiffer University stands out with small classes in a familiar atmosphere and community togetherness.

    • Language of instruction: English
    • Study programs: Nursing Management



    Birmingham (Alabama) - Samford University

    Founded in 1841, Samford University is located in the state of Alabama, nestled in the countryside, but not far from the big city of Birmingham. Samford is a Christian university with more than 170 degree programs and about 5,600 students.

    • Language of instruction: English
    • Study programs: Social Work