Students from abroad

Studying at FHWS

With about 1,500 students and six degree programmes, the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences (FAS) is among the largest Faculty’s of FHWS. Size, diversity and interdisciplinarity offer students a range of degree programmes that covers the full spectrum of the respective subject area while at the same time allowing for differentiation and specialisation.

Including the winter semester 2015/16, the degree programme Social Work (Soziale Arbeit; B. A.) was completely taught in German! Since the summer semester 2016, we have been offering courses in the scope of at least 30 CP also in English. Within the internationalisation process of FHWS, we thus want to create an attractive offer also for all those international students who do not yet have enough German language proficiency.


Information for guest students:

In some modules, there is one big lecture; others consist of several seminars/courses where you can choose one. As a guest student, you may select and register for several seminars/courses from different modules depending on your interest. We are happy to help you with choosing your courses by providing information at the start of the semest