Internship Abroad

If you would like to complete an internship abroad, please contact the Faculty’s Internship Coordinator:

FAS Internship Coordinator: 

Jacqueline Poralla, Dipl.-Sozialpäd. (FH)

Tiepolostraße 6
Room T.2.09
97070 Würzburg 
Phone: +49 931 3511-8925
E Mail jacqueline.Poralla[at]

Erasmus+ internships

With Erasmus+, students can complete internships in European companies or organisations. Stays abroad are funded in all programme countries. (see DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service; in German only)

General conditions: 

Funding is available for internships in other European countries of 2-12 months each (including multiple internships) and for internships within one year after the completion of a study phase (graduate internships) if the application was submitted within the last year of the study phase.


  • Regular enrolment at a German higher education institution
  • Home and guest university have a valid Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE)

Ineligible for Erasmus+ grants are internships at European institutions/organisations, national diplomatic missions as well as organisations administering EU programmes

Useful Links

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Country specific information by DAAD:

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General information and reports by students (DAAD):

Insurance matters and precautions: