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Our FHWS 3IN Podcast

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You will get introduced to exciting topics concerning the 3IN project and the different international connections of the University.

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Here, you can find news and our current programme.



The project FHWS 3IN

The project helps us to enhance the international performance and equipment of the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences (FAS) as well as of the entire FHWS. The name “3IN” stands for Integration, Inclusion and Involvement. We want to encourage transnational teaching and improve the circumstances and possibilities of international mobilities for our students. At the same time, our focus is to be a warm and welcoming institution for our foreign exchange students. The aim of the project is to become a University of Applied Sciences (UAS) with European reach and, as a member of the 3IN-Alliance that consists of four higher education institutions in Finland, Norway, Portugal and Germany, to raise the Europeanisation of the university to the next level. This includes the internationalization of all university activities on a European level, such as finding new paths for practical semester abroad or the initiation of digital possibilities regarding intercultural exchange.

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We want

… to strengthen and enhance the cooperation with the 3IN-Alliance.

… to foster the intercultural competences of all institution members.

… to boost the digitalization of teaching.

… to further establish the concept of transnational teaching.

… to implement intelligent consultation structures for mobilities.

… to make the European reach of FHWS more visible.


Who are we?

“We” stands for the cooperation of the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences (FAS) and the International Office (HSIN) of the FHWS. This cooperation is something special, as the different faculties work hand in hand and combine the expertise of Applied Social Sciences and expertise on the internationalization of the university. In the public, “We” mostly stands for the two project coordinators Dr. Kristina Gehring of the HSIN and Stefanie Witter of the FAS. In the background, they are supported by the director of the HSIN, Dr. Daniel Lammer and the professors Dr. Dagmar Unz (FAS) and International Affairs Coordinator Prof. Dr. Achim Förster. This constellation enables us to get input from various perspectives and make use of the special expertise of every team member.

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