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Current information of the FAS about room changes and changes in dates, tutorials, etc. can be found in the eLearning in the courses BSA-Info and MSA-Info. Please note the following instructions on its use!

Introduction on the use of „BSA-Info“ and „MSA-Info“

Register for the respective course in order to directly receive emails about any changes:

You do not need any access code in order to access the course!

»Information for all semesters

As soon as you register for the course you will automatically receive all information relevant for all semesters to your student email address. To additionally receive specific information on your current semester follow the instructions under the point "Semester specific information".

»Semester specific information

In order to receive information about your current semester to your student email address you have to subscribe to the respective board: 

  • On the eLearning site click on the left tab on your current semester and then on "Nachrichten ind Ankündigungen INFO-BSA" (engl. News and Announcements, see example on the right)
  • Then in this board click in the left tab "Einstellungen" (engl. settings) on "Ich möchte das Forum abonnieren" (engl. I want to subscribe to this board".

From now on you will receive specific information
for your semester per email.


Prerequisite for receiving information is a correct configuration of your university email account. Please check the settings and the forwarding to your private email address. Thank you very much!

For substantiated questions about access or on handling the course as well as questions about contents please contact the FAS dean's office directly (nicole.horn(ät)fhws.de