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Campus Community Dialogue

Campus Community Dialogue

The Campus Community Dialogue (FHWS - CCD) is a strategy for institutionalized networking, especially for the regionally oriented exchange of science and teaching as well as praxis and community. Through the FHWS - CCD also the social and humanities area of the FHWS complete the already award-winning transfer profile of the university.

Starting point for the FHWS - CCD are specifications which result from the guiding principle of the FHWS and conform with the profile of the Faculty of Applied Social Science.

Fundamental orientation

  1. Scientific- and evidence-basing
  2. Orientations towards practice and society
  3. Societal structuring

The FHWS - CCD builds on the already existing application and practice orientation of the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt and the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences, however, it significantly intensifies and institutionalizes this orientation.

Alongside the basis which is given through the fundamental orientation the FHWS - CCD is based on five pillars which are the central elements.