Who are our Partners?


Unfallversicherung Bund und Bahn (UVB)

German Federal and Railway Accident Insurance 

The UVB is the official accident insurance for more than twelve million people in over 2,200 public administrations and businesses as well as companies in federal and railroad sectors.

- so is the case for the DRK - Region Hannover e.V..

It supports its member companies in the prevention of work-related accidents, illnesses and health hazards and takes care of them in the event of an insurance claim by helping to restore good health and working capacity, and to provide financial support. In the research project "Behavior Based Safety (BBS) - Safe Behavior among Rescue Workers" the UVB acts as initiator, investor and project commissioner on behalf of the FHWS.

UVB Project Partners:

  • Jan Hetmeier - Division of Occupational Health and Safety and Prevention, Head of Department, Specialist Units  
  • Antje Stöwesandt - Division of Occupational Safety and Prevention, Project Manager

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Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (DRK) – Region Hannover e.V.

German Red Cross

The DRK rescues people, helps in emergencies, offers people a sense of community, stands by the poor and needy, and watches over international humanitarian law - in Germany and around the world.

DRK-Region Hannover e.V. participates in emergency care for more than 1.3 million people in the Hannover region and parts of the Hildesheim area. On average, a mission commences every 10 minutes at one of the 13 DRK rescue stations of the DRK- Regional Association.

The following two rescue stations are participating in the practical implementation of the project "Behavior Based Safety (BBS) - safe behavior among rescue workers": 

  • Rescue station Lehrte 
  • Rescue station Laatzen

Both locations belong to the DRK-Region Hannover e.V. and are official DRK training rescue stations. Together with the DRK regional association, paramedics and emergency paramedics are trained there.

DRK – Region Hannover e.V. Project Partners: 

  • Lars Weiß -  Occupational Safety Specialist / Medical Device Safety Officer 
  • Helge Vogt - DRK-Landesverband Niedersachsen e. V., Civil Protection Officer